Brenner/-in (Stillman/woman)

Brenner/-in (Stillman/woman)

"Brenner/-innen" use their expertise and creativity to produce raw spirits and brandies. They mash fruit, corn, potatoes or molasses, ferment the mash and distil it to produce high-proof alcohol.

"Brenner/-innen" work in distilleries and for vinegar and spirits manufacturers.

The training period is 3 years.

The job comprises the following:

  • Raw materials check
  • Monitoring fermentation
  • Operating computer-controlled machines
  • Monitoring fermentation equipment and measuring devices
  • Finished-product quality inspection

1. year of training: 642,00 €
2. year of training: 695,00 €
3. year of training: 744,00 €

At the start of the school year / 1st working day of that month

Your contact
Anka Geidel

Phone: +49 3631 636-0
Fax: +49 3631 636-400
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