Mechatroniker/-in (mechatronics technician)

(mechatronics technician)

"Mechatroniker/-innen" build mechanical, electrical and electronic components, assemble them to form complex systems, install control software and service the systems.

"Mechatroniker/-innen" are employed in the mechanical and plant engineering, automation engineering, automotive and aerospace and information and communication technology sectors and other production facilities.

The training period is 3.5 years.

The scope of the training is broadened by pursuing optional qualifications;
depending upon the training company, these could be:

  • Maintenance and monitoring of technical systems
  • Configuration, conversion/modification and commissioning of production plants
  • Maintenance of production and processing plants
  • Control systems and switchgear
  • Electro-technical equipment

1. year of training: 642,00 €
2. year of training: 695,00 €
3. year of training: 744,00 €
4. year of training: 809,00 €

At the start of the school year / 1st working day of that month

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