Food-grade alcohols

A production of fine corn distillates for our spirits aside, the Nordbrand alcohol sales department also sells a wide range of ethanols. There is neutral alcohol or Primasprit plus food-grade fine rye and wheat distillates of various grades for the production of corn schnapps, “Doppelkorn”, vodka and whisky and stored distillates.

Our distillates are characterised by a traditional production process and our master distillers’ many years of experience. Needless to say that our production plant (distillery and counterflow distillery) can always produce alcohol in accordance with your specifications.

Our product range at a glance

Alcohols for spirits and foodstuffs
Neutral alcohol / Primasprit SKU 410 of at least 96.0% AbV
Neutral alcohol dehydrated SKU 510 of at least 99.8% AbV
Fine rye and wheat distillates of various grades as agreed
Stored fine corn distillates
Stored wine distillates
Fresh wine distillates
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