Destillateur (distiller) (male/female)

Operating highly complex technical devices and inspecting raw materials, a sensory check on semi-finished and finished products – all this and more will be what you will be doing. Every day will bring you a new challenge. You must work responsibly and carefully. You will rate our products’ quality in an analytical fashion and thus contribute to our success.

After 3 years of a dual apprenticeship (the German training system), you will have excellent prospects! And we also train:

  • Destillateurmeister (master distiller) (male/female)
  • Industriemeister Lebensmittel (supervisor - food industry) (male/female)
  • Techniker Lebensmitteltechnik (food technician) (male/female)

Your profile:

  • Realschulabschluss (GCSE)
  • Good grades in chemistry and mathematics
  • A general interest in natural sciences
  • A careful and self-reliant approach

Apprenticeship pay
1. year: €657
2. year: €722
3. year: €794

First of the month the new school year starts

Your contact
Anka Geidel

Phone: +49 3631 636-0
Fax: +49 3631 636-408
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