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Nordbrand Nordhausen products at a glance

A range characterised by diversity and innovation. The traditional and successful Nordbrand Nordhausen brand stands for modernity and a huge variety of alcoholic beverages and provides utmost pleasure

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Discover all our Echter Nordhäuser spirits

Other schnapps may be made from wheat, but for Echter Nordhäuser we use rye, with its strong and tangy taste. Echter Nordhäuser’s emblem, Henriette the chicken, picks the best rye only. And just like Henriette, the Echter Nordhäuser master distillers always choose the best rye when composing their specialities.


More information: www.echter-nordhaeuser.de


CHANTRÉ Weinbrand –
Classics always have a convincing taste

CHANTRÉ’s success story began in 1953 with a spirits revolution, when Ludwig Eckes developed a soft and balanced brandy and named it after his wife’s maiden name. Soon, CHANTRÉ sort of symbolised Germany’s joie-de-vivre and new-frontier feeling back then.


More information: www.chantre.de

Mariacron Logo

Discover the secrets of this great German brandy

Mariacron has been a bestselling brandy in Germany for more than 30 years now. And this success it owes to the best ingredients and a traditional production process. Discover the secrets of this great German brandy – Mariacron’s wine, distillation, ageing and full but mild taste.


More information: www.mariacron.de

ECKES Edle Liköre Logo

One seductive flavour – three delicious varieties

ECKES Edle Liköre – three varieties, each with that certain something: Classic ECKES Edelkirsch with the fruity flavour, deep-red colour and typically tangy note. Fresh ECKES Edle Birne blends the aromas of fully ripened pears with a fruity, tart acidity. Seductive and luscious ECKES Edler Eierlikör combines a creamy flavour with a pleasantly light sweetness. Tastes perfect with desserts and in aperitifs or added to your speciality coffee.


More information: www.eckes-edlelikoere.de

ZINN40 Logo

Our fine-distilled, aromatic speciality made from wine

ZINN 40 is made from wine according to an old recipe. ZINN 40 thus combines a balanced taste with the wine’s full-bodied character to become something really special.


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Fl&aumlminger Jagd Logo

Fläminger Jagd –
The herb liqueur with the fox

Fläminger Jagd – the herb liqueur with the fox. The right selection of herbs and spices, harmoniously combined with alcohol and sweetness – this is what lends this great herb liqueur its full-bodied character. Try it!


More information: www.flaemingerjagd.de

Asmussen Logo

Feiner alter Asmussen -
finest rum, as it ever was

Feiner alter Asmussen with real Jamaica Rum has epitomised finest rum since 1860. Its elegant flavours and full aromas convey a really Jamaican feeling. Feiner alter Asmussen rum is perfect for hot and mixed drinks and can also be used for cooking and baking.


More information: www.asmussen.de

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