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18% vol


Modern classics

Nordbrand Waldmeisterlikör
Remember fizzy powder and green jelly? Now you can drink this woodruff taste!

Our tip
Enjoy these childhood memories with our Nordbrand Waldmeisterlikör. A modern classic you can drink all year round - neat or in a cocktail.



  • 2 cl of Nordbrand Waldmeisterlikör
  • 1/2 lime
  • 2 tea spoons of cane sugar (brown)
  • ...

Cut off the limes’ bitter ends and divide limes into eights. Prick and press in a glass together with the cane sugar. Fill the glass with crushed...

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  • 8 cl of Nordbrand Waldmeisterlikör
  • 6 cl of orange juice
  • 3 cl of lemon juice
  • ...

Put it all in a shaker and pour in cocktail glasses filled with ice cubes.

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  • 200 ml of Nordbrand Waldmeisterlikör
  • 1 bottle of Rotkäppchen sparkling wine
  • 1 bottle of Rotkäppchen white wine
  • ...

Put the lemon balm leaves in a punch bowl with the Nordbrand Waldmeisterlikör and lemon juice. Cover and let cool down for 20 minutes.

Prior to...

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