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Das Foto zeigt einen jungen Mann, der mit einem Schraubenzieher an Stromkabeln arbeitet.


Automation electronics technician (male/female/diverse)

You like technology and electronics? Then you will enjoy this training and find it very exciting. You will help us design, maintain and program a highly complex automatic production system. You show craftsmanship? Then this is the right job for you.

Your contact

Anka Geidel, HR

+49 3631 636-0

+49 3631 636-408

Your profile:

  • Secondary school certificate 
  • Good grades in physics and mathematics
  • A general interest in electronics, computer science and technology
  • A careful and self-reliant approach

Apprenticeship pay
1. year: €893
2. year: €972
3. year: €1044
4. year: €1109

August 1st

After 3,5 years of a dual apprenticeship (the German training system), you will have excellent prospects! And we also train:

  • Industriemeister Elektrotechnik (supervisor - electrical engineering) (male/female)
  • Technischer Fachwirt (technical business administrator) (male/female)
  • Technischer Betriebswirt (technical manager) (male/female)
  • A state-certified technician (male/female)

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