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Mechatronics fitter (male/female/diverse)

When having trained as a mechatronics fitter, you will be able to handle all kinds of systems and put them on stream. Over the 3.5-year training period, you will learn to maintain and repair machines and contribute to technical innovations. We will teach you all you need.

Your work will be very important. The very high quality of our products will also depend upon your commitment.

Your contact

Anka Geidel, HR

+49 3631 636-0

+49 3631 636-408

Your profile:

  • A good secondary school certificate 
  • An understanding of physical and technical processes
  • Capacity for teamwork and craftsmanship
  • A careful and self-reliant approach

Apprenticeship pay
1. year: €893
2. year: €972
3. year: €1044
4. year: €1109

August 1st

After 4 years of a dual apprenticeship (the German training system), you will have excellent prospects! And we also train:

  • Industriemeister Elektrotechnik (supervisor - electrical engineering) (male/female)
  • Technischer Fachwirt (technical business administrator) (male/female)
  • Technischer Betriebswirt (technical manager) (male/female)
  • A state-certified technician (male/female)

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